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This is a page that will be updated as we play and plan to play tournaments. Along with the description of the tournaments, there will be our results of each particular tournament.

March 16, 2003 Operation Paintball
Format: 4 man
Venue: Operation Paintball, Hayward
Players: Jessie, Mike, Jason, Amir, Kenny
Pit Crew: Jamie, Trish, Andrew L., Calvin
Teams Entered: 1
Placed Finished: First!
Description: This was the first tourney we played as a team and we surprisingly did very well. We took first out of ten very good teams. The venue was awesome and playing on astro turf was a dream, this was by far the best tourney I have ever played, great job Operation Paintball.
Congrats goes out to all the other team that worked just as hard as we did, Epic, High Risk, Savage, Dead to Rights and all others.
March 28, 2003 Pan Am Los Angeles
Format: 7-man
Venue: SC Village, South Corona
Players: Jessie, Mike, Jason, Kenny, Andrew L., Calvin, Milo, Alex
Pit Crew: Ian, Ken T., Kenny T., Justin
Teams Entered: 1
Finish: Two wins, Two Losses, Two Stalemates, One Bumrush
Description: We definitely had a blast down in LA. Although our scores don't show it, we actually did very well in such a big tourney. but more importantly I feel we grew a lot as a team. We did a lot of team building in the pool and down the hallway of our hotel. The tourney was ran very well and it was an overall success.
Special thanks go out to our pit crew for the day, we couldn't have done anything without you guys, Ken T. Kenny T. Ian and Justin.

August 16, 2003 Los Angeles Pan Am Affiliate
Format: 7 player
Venue: California Paintball Park, Castiac CA
Players: Jason, Mike, Amir, Kenny, Milo, Calvin, Jordan, Vu.
Teams Entered: One
Place: 6th
Description: Although I was not able to attend this particular tourney, I was well informed on how they did. It was a while since the team practiced seven man because of all the three, four and five man tourneys but the crew held their own. Despite the horrible reffing we placed sixth overall and went home with a new understanding that not all tourneys were happy and fun experiences (duh).
April 27, 2003 Modesto Extreme
Format: 3-Man
Venue: Extreme Paintball, Modesto
Teams Entered: 2
Players: Jessie, Mike, Jason, Calvin, Andrew L., Andrew T.
Finish: 6th place out of 17 teams
Description: This tourney was a very fun one. it was a clear and sunny day, as opposed to the rain that the weather man said it would be. We entered two teams, Factory Seconds Black and Factory Seconds Red. Red ended the day making semis and taking sixth overall. With this being our first 3 man tourney, we have a lot to improve on and a lot to look forward to.

Sherwood Forest Hosted by The Momma's Boys
Format: Three Man
Venue: Sherwood Forrest in American Canyon, CA
Players: Jessie, Mike, Calvin, Jason, Kenny, Vu, Milo, Amir, Jordan
Pit Crew: Daisey
Teams Entered: Three
Places Finished: 1st and 4th
Description: This was actually a last minute tourney that we decided to enter the week before. It seems as though the later we register for a tourney, the better we do. Well, the tourney was ran prety well with two out of three fields being very nice. We would like to thank all the teams that came out, the refs, and the mommas boys for holding this tourney.
June 1st, 2003 Herbie's 7-Man
Format: 7 Man
Venue: Herbies Paintball, Nevada
Players: Jessie, Jason, Mike, Andrew, Amir, Vu, Jordan, Kenny
Pit Crew: Calvin
Teams Entered: One
Placed Finished: Third Place
Description: This tourney was definitely a memorable one. It started out with a long trip to Reno and a whole lot of time spent at Circus Circus. After a couple hours of fun, we headed to the hotel and tried to get sleep (didn't happen). The tourney started about two and a half hours late and lagged thoughout the day, but we tried play beyond that. The team started out well by maxing our first four games, but the 100 degree weather got the best of us and caused a ton of stalemates.
Throughout the day we only lost one game but we stalemated too many games to keep us off the first place platform.
The result was a third place finish and craving to do better at our next tourney.

June 28 & 29, 2003 LA Ironmen Skillz Seminar
Format: Seminar geared to the tournament player
Venue: Extreme Paintball Field. Modesto, CA
Players: Jessie Lapid, Mike Djorjevic
Description: This was one of the best paintball experiences I have ever had. It was well organized and well supported. Some players thought that there wouldn't be enough Ironmen to get their money's worth but, to the contrary, the one on one help from each of the Ironmen was unsurpassed. There was about one Ironmen for every three to four players that attended.
Not only was the playing aspect of the seminar great, but the time spent outside of playing. Like chatting it up in between drills, or eatting the free pizza, hot dogs, drinks, etc that Rich Telford and Gina Telford provided.
I would personally like to thank all the Ironmen, Rich, Gina and the Extreme Paintball crew for making this event such a great one.
Also, a special thanks to the Ironmen that helped me out on such a one on one basis and getting to know me personally. Thanks Mich, Matty, JP, Yosh and Rich.
August 3rd, 2003 Sac Vision 3 Man
Format: 3 Man
Venue: Valley Thunder, Galt CA
Players: Jessie, Mike, Amir, Jason, Calvin, Kenny
Teams Entered: Two
Place: 7th out of 33 teams
Description: This tourney was a very unsuspected great turnout. There were 33 rookie teams that showed up and played some good paintball. The seconds guys played well, despite our finishes. After this tourney we will be buckling down and working specifically on our seven man format. We are looking to the nppl next year so we better get cracking.