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The team has been out of competition in a long while. Roster changes have been apparent, but this 2004 summer will reveal a newly revamped team. Many of the original members have gone on to great things . . .

Jessie Lil'Lapid has gone from the Syn Factory Team (Bishop's Move) to currently playing for the Northern California's own Momma's Boys. So far this season Jessie and the boys have taken 1st at Mardi Gras, 1st at the LA Open and 1st at the Orlando Cup. He is still captain and coach for Seconds and plans on it for a long while.

Jason Candelario, Mike Dejorjevic, Jordan Brookeman and Vu Tran have all moved on to play together as the team Expo Army. They are competing in the NPPL Super Seven Series and have been doing well being coached by the world famous Rich Telford. At both the Hunnington Beach and Tampa events, Expo Army has made it past prelims and into quarter finals. Good luck Expo.

Amir Zandinajan, Calvin Trac, Andrew Lomotan and Milo Trinh have put paintball aside in the meantime to attend and concentrate on school. But rumor has it that some of these players may be coming back.

Kenny Melton has stayed active almost every week practicing and learning with two of the newest Seconds players.

We hope to get this team back in competition and having fun. If you would like to tryout out drop Jessie a line.

~ 2NDS


Keep an eye out for a new line of casual paintball wear from Factory Seconds Paintball. We will be selling shirts, throw backs and other clothing items to help promote the sport of paintball.

Also, you paintball needs can be addressed at one of our very own player's website. Calvin Trac will be opening an online store distrubuting the best of hard goods, soft goods, markers and whatever else you need to get your hands on.

Jully 11th looks like it will be the teams first tournament back in over a year! It will be a local 5 man tournament held at SCP in San Jose, CA.




5/25/04 ~ Start of website rebuild. 

6/29/03 ~ Tourney page updated with Ironmen Seminar update
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6/1/03 ~ Third Place at Herbies
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3/17/03 ~ New pics added from Operation 4-man tourney!
3/16/03 ~ Team won 1st place @ the Operation 4-man tourney!
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